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24 December 2015 @ 01:36 pm

From now on, this Journal is Friends Only!
Comment me, if you're interested in my personal posts.
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I dont add people back, that I dont know, or that didnt comment me.

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25 January 2015 @ 10:18 pm
So, here are new ones. I've been going crazy with making icons, I think they're quite good.
If you take one, please credit & do not hotlink. Thanks a lot!
Also I appreciate comments & stuff.

Have a lovely week x

newarts1 (8)newarts1 (18)newarts1 (27)
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20 January 2015 @ 02:10 pm

I've been absent for such a long time, I am so so so sorry! But I've come around and I am back making arts. For now I won't do animations so often, I think, because I really don't have the time. I am currently working on the edit of my fourth novel and the writing of my next one, and I am STRESSED. But to relax I do some random arts, some about projects of mine, some just for fun. So, here they are.
Please credit if you use them & don't hotlink!

Have a nice day ♠


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28 June 2012 @ 01:32 pm

Hallo ihr Lieben! Nach langer Zeit melde ich mich mal wieder. Diesmal auf Deutsch, einige werden das hier also leider nicht lesen können. Zusammen mit zwei Freundinnen habe ich einen Serien-Review-Blog bei Blogspot gestartet.


Wir interessieren uns für die unterschiedlichsten Serien aus den verschiedensten Genres und möchten diesen neuerrichteten Blog dazu nutzen, episoden- oder staffelweise Meinungen zu TV Serien abzugeben, Diskussionen anzuregen und über neue Shows zu informieren. Hauptsächlich vertreten wir natürlich jeder die eigene, persönliche Meinung und wollen vor allem zum Sehen von Serien anregen.
Serien als Kunstform anzusehen ist sicher eine eigenwillige Sichtweise - uns bereitet das Reviewen sehr viel Freude - wer selbst eine Lieblingsserie hat oder hatte, die er von Anfang bis Ende verfolgt oder einmal verfolgt hat, wird das sicherlich verstehen können!

Wenn ihr also Spaß daran habt, euch über Serien auszutauschen oder vielleicht selbst die ein oder andere Staffel vorzustellen, dann schaut doch mal rein. Mehr Informationen dazu findet ihr im Einstiegspost. Wir hoffen natürlich alle, dass euch der Blog und die Vorstellungen dort gefallen werden.
21 March 2012 @ 04:08 pm
I started watching this show nearly a week ago and I am not impressed by it. I thought the idea was great but the quality is not such a hit. Actually I am honestly disappointed. I can't start to like the characters because it is too weird - not funny at all but it feels like it is supposed to be. I like the drug-part but not the part about Kim hitting on Sugar (and what a distracting name is Sugar ?! wtf) Well, so you know, I don't like this show - but I'll still keep watching the first season, at least.No matter how annoying it may be.

21 March 2012 @ 03:45 pm
Hello guys. I made some new Icons.
- The Mentalist (Season 01)
- Sons of Anarchy (01x01)
- Supernatural

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05 March 2012 @ 11:25 pm
Hello there. I just finished a new batch of icons, gifs and such stuff, I hope you enjoy it.

13 Samantha who? Icons
29 Shameless (US) Icons
15 Private Practice Icons
16 One Tree Hill Icons
16 NCIS Icons
23 Merlin Icons
7 Shameless Big Gifs
1 One Tree Hill Big Gif


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01 March 2012 @ 07:06 pm
My brother told me that it would be more effective to watch tv shows season by season than episode by episode. So I am trieing this out at the moment. What means I currently watch Lost season 03 (liking it so far, although season two isn't beaten yet.) Still I am going to finish making arts of the shows I watched episode by episode before, until I only have the Lost season three arts left to do. Excited!!!
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29 February 2012 @ 03:11 pm
Hello my dear friends,
I finished some new episodes of amazing TV Shows and want to show you what I think about it and the arts I finally made. Another 100+ Icon-Batch. Including:

[01-12] Will & Grace (Season 01, Episode 07)
[13-33] Life Unexpected (Season 01, Episode 01)
[34-55] Lost (Season 02)
[56-70] Kings (Season 01, Episode 03)
[71-89] Heroes (Season 02, Episode 01)
[90-100] Castle (Season 03, Episode 13)
[101-112] Bones (Season 01, Episode 05)

Big Gifs: Lost, Life Unexpected

Will & Grace
I love this show, it is very light and easy, obviously because it is heartwarming comedy. I am still at the beginning of the series, I know, but I am a big fan of the characters and I wished Will wasn't gay, I mean, they would be such a cute couple. Hm, excited for what will come next :)

Life Unexpected
My expectations of this show weren't that high. I've heard good things but the idea isn't quite new so I thought it probably would be pathetic. So I watched the first episode and despite the fact that I truly love Shiri Appleby (ROSWELL! Oh my goodness), because she is just soooo adorable, I really liked it! The story seems funny but still deep and thoughtful. I am quite excited for what happens next, I also really like Lux because she acts quite unique. Well, yeah, much better than I thought at first.

You know I love this show. I finished watching Season two a few days ago and hell, I adore the ending, it is just so good. Right now I am watching season three and it is pretty great this far (Juliet is cool, and more Desmond, that's kind of what I like the most.) I am not amused about Kate getting 'serious' with Sawyer and at the same time being flirty with Jack, I just don't ... ugh, it just disgusts me. Sawyer is okay, but Kate and Jack ... annoying. (I hate it the most when Jack screams. I really just want to punch him in the face. I don't even know why, I just don't like him at all.)

I like that show too, it is not as exciting and surprising as other shows, but I like the political aspect, the war conflict, the king and his greedy thoughts and actions. I just really like it and I think the main character is strong enough to get through all of this. I am quite sad that there is only this first season, I guess it is too ... heavy and quite ... hm, I don't want to call it boring, but it can be quite long to watch it for 45 minutes.

Finally I found the time to start the second season. I watched the first season a long time ago and was so thrilled about the characters. Now I got them back and I don't intend to letting them go that easily again. I really like the new aspects of the second season. I adore Mohinder (always did) but in the first episode Molly quite scared me. it's obviously just because of her being afraid and scared because of her weird dreams.

The first two and a half seasons were watched by me last year and I was really excited about the action and the fun and how things evaluated but the thirteenth episode just ... was shit. Sorry. I know a lot of people ship Castle and Beckett but I just don't. I think that it's getting quite pathetic. I don't want them to kiss and whatever, I really don't like it anymore, I don't know ... I don't know if I will keep watching this show, it just seems very childish to me.

And the more I hate castle, the more I love Bones. I am only in season one so far, but it is amazing. I love the logic, the intelligence, I love how the characters work and are pure and new. I don't like the colors and I think it could be better filmed but I can put that aside because the stories are great. I am excited for more.


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25 February 2012 @ 08:44 am

Hi there. I finally finished a new batch of Icons, I hope you like them just as much as I do.

What I have got for you:

[01-30] The Tudors, Season 02, Episode 02-04
[31-41] 10 things I hate about you, Season 01, Episode 02
[42-59] Heartland, Season 01, Episode 07
[60-68] Fringe, Season 01, Episode 03
[69-86] Being Erica, Season 01, Episode 06
[87-101] Brothers and Sisters, Season 01, Episode 01

The Tudors
I am really excited about the second season. I start to really fear for Anne Boleyn, she is in a difficult position and although with all her betrayal it is hard for me to like her, she still gets more and more sympathetic the weaker she acts. Also I feel utterly sorry for Thomas and his martyrdom, his family, all the things he believes in. Such a strong character, I will really miss him on the show (and jep, I strike out the fact that this series bases on slightly true events, thinking about this makes me crazy.)

10 things I hate about you
I started this series more than a year ago but stopped because I didn't have the time to follow through. Now I try to get back and I really like that it is so easy and cute but still cool. Of course it's based on the movie, of course it isn't SUCH a big deal, but I like those tiny bits of comedy. Yeah well, I can't tell you more since I only began to watch the first season. I think the girly sister is pretty annoying and stupid for not recognizing this boy falling in love with her (which I clearly don't get because there is no other person who cares so much about what other people think and fitting in ... ugh. Clearly messed up priorities.)

I really love this show, I can't even tell you why. Maybe it's my affinity for horses and nature and I just love it. Ty isn't that much of a pretty boy but his character is gorgeous. And I really love Amy, she is my absolute favourite, her character isn't flawless but always sympathetic, that's a really nice thing. In this episode I really didn't like the conflict Jack and Tim got in, I think it is stupid and they could sort things out if Tim wouldn't act like a total asshole and Jack wouldn't be so stubborn. He's fighting a fight he shouldn't keep on fighting, it is getting really annoying.

This show scares the hell out of me. Still I think it's a big deal and I want to keep on watching it. Slowly, because I couldn't take too much of this I bet. I know it's going to be more exciting the more I watch, and I am really curious about all the secrets and what they are about. Til now I am just so freaked out about those human experiments and this stuff I don't really get yet.

Being Erica
I start to hate Erica. Maaaan she's such a control freak, and her whining is ... annoying. I don't know, I just ship the two really hard so I have to keep on watching this show. And I like her sister, she is so gorgeous. But I hope Erica won't keep whining (I bet she'll do) ... because it makes me want to punch her, seriously.

Brothers and Sisters
I started this one more than a year ago, I don't even know why I stopped. I love this show, it is very heartwarming and I utterly love shows about big families and drama, drama, drama. I am excited for the second episode, I'm gonna watch it as soon as I can, I hope.


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